Are you questioning your gender?

That question can be so hard to come to terms with, I know it was for me. Very early in my journey I encountered a woman who was years ahead of me on the path we call transition. She coached me through my darkest days and I clung to her wisdom. Since then I have learned even more and I use of my training to help people see the various choices they have before them. These are life altering decisions.  If you are wrestling with big questions or already on your journey and seeking someone to talk to, consider working with me as your gender coach. Just like my other work, this isn't therapy, but it has helped many.

Our world is overflowing with information these days. Unfortunately websites, videos and books can't listen to you and respond. Forums can be a mixed bag of well intentioned individuals but it's hard to base decisions on that world. Just having someone who understands to help you sort through and recognize all the options is a great resource and comfort. There are so many thoughts that fly through our minds during this time;

  • I think I'm transgender, but how do I know?
  • Am I "trans enough" to ask for help?
  • I cross dress, does that make me trans?
  • Does playing with dolls when I was a kid make me trans?
  • Am I ready for hormones yet?
  • How will I look? Will I "pass" or will I look terrible?
  • What surgery should I get first?
  • Am I told young/old to question my gender or consider transition?
  • How will this effect my sex life?
  • What will my partner, family, friends or my employer think?
  • I've read stuff and watched videos, but what "really happens" to me when........
  • The list is near endless, let's do a session and discuss your burning questions.

There are so many things to consider on this journey and every one of them seems to eat up money. While I can't give away my time, I have set up a special offering for gender questioning and trans individuals. Please contact me to discuss pricing and scheduling.

For partners, parents, family and other allies;

Many times you have your own questions and can benefit from being able to discuss your concerns with someone who can relate to what's going on. Early in the process it is hard for the individual considering transition to really grasp just how deeply this rocks the world of those around them. That understanding will come in time as they process all that is happening in their world. Most times it only takes one regular 75 minute session to cover all your concerns and discuss further resources available to you. 

If you specifically want to work with a trans man I would recommend Eli Lawliet, Ph.D. (he/him).

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