About Me

I’m Dana Elizabeth Hansen (she/her) and I grew up in Peshtigo, Wisconsin where I learned a good work ethic and the value of following the rules. Upon graduation I joined the Marine Corps and served for over 10 years including Operation Desert Shield & Storm in Saudi Arabia along with time in Okinawa Japan, Korea and Hawaii.

Since leaving the Marine Corps I have owned several successful businesses from sole proprietor to the national franchise level. Most recently being a commercial cleaning company in Door County, Wisconsin for over thirteen years.

Life dealt me some personal blows that brought me to my knees. In the process of getting back up I went through a tremendous healing process down to my soul. I learned a lot about the traumas we all carry in life and felt called to turn my life in a direction that would allow me to serve others in their healing and wholeness process as well.

This journey has led me through so many interesting training programs. I was even certified as a fashion stylist and took multiple courses to become a professional boudoir photographer. It may seem aimless but each taught me pivotal pieces about myself and about life. Especially the challenges women deal with each day in this world of ours. What I found out was that working in the area of sex and relationships is where I can offer the most to my clients.  As a Sex & Relationship Coach I get to work with people to improve their real life “now”.  

I’m a trans-bisexual who’s spent time exploring kink & ethical non-monogamy.  Who loves tattoos & piercings and the edgy side of life after being in a straight monogamous marriage for over 27 years. I totally understand the need to improve on what most would consider “normal”.  The desires of many to want to “spice things up” is so natural. The truth is, it’s all normal, so let’s talk and find how to make your intimate relationships better than you ever thought possible!

I was a guest on the Kinky Cocktail Hour podcast discussing my personal story of sexual discovery and transition. Click the image below to listen to the broadcast.

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