Sex & Relationship Sessions

I offer a co-creative relationship laboratory where you can practice emotional and erotic intimacy to overcome obstacles, heal past traumas, and confront fears. As a client and doula, we will explore your needs for love, intimacy, and sexual expression, and work together to overcome societal shame and embrace vulnerability.

What types of things can we cover in our sessions?

The Somatica® method combines the best aspects of talk based models with the hands on aspects of the somatic methods of coaching and bodywork. It creates a unique approach where sessions are quite experiential in relation to sex and relationships. Rest assured, we always keep our clothes on, but these types of sessions are FUN! You will practice your new tools and skills in the session and leave with the confidence to put them into practice in your life.

  • Explore the effects of shame, trauma & inhibition in your life
  • Learn to establish boundaries that will empower you
  • Discover and embrace your sexual confidence & individual turn-ons
  • Learn to re-connect with your body in a deep and meaningful way
  • Resolving resentment & effectively repairing relationships
  • Low or mismatched sexual desire levels in a partnership
  • Revitalize a sexless or intimacy-deprived relationship
  • Painful sex from trauma or other sexual challenges
  • Learn how to orgasm & explore your full orgasmic potential
  • How to overcome body shame and love your sexy self
  • How to add kink and other exciting things to your sex life
  • The list is endless....if it has to do with sex or relationships....let's talk!

Though some things may initially stretch you a bit, all of this work is done in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental manner. We set up a safer environment for you to share yourself vulnerably and grow in ways you haven’t even imagined. My goal is for you to leave feeling empowered to become stronger & more confident in the intimacy you have with yourself and others.

Do I need to be straight, monogamous and vanilla?

In a word, no. You be you, if that is straight, monogamous and vanilla, then great. If not, that makes no difference to me. Who you are attracted to, how many you are in relationship with and how kinky you are may come up in our sessions but only as they apply to what you want to work on. Let's talk!

I have questions and I'm not ready to spend money yet, what can I do?

Please go to my Contact page and send me a message to schedule a FREE 20 Minute Discovery Call. You can start the process of answering any questions you may have about the process and how my services can help you on your journey.

The changes in your life can be amazing. Here is what one client had to say after experiencing life with a new set of relationship skills;

I guess I'm just excited to finally experience normal, happy, functional, loving romantic relationships with others. Consistent stability... What a concept!

Naomi, England

All sessions are done through Zoom at this time. Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

My approach to working with sex and relationships is founded on the Somatica® Method. If you have specific questions regarding the method just click the button below.

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